A new woman-controlled contraceptive vaginal ring: a global step forward

More than 40 years ago, the development of contraceptive vaginal rings began, based on the fact that the vaginal epithelium can absorb steroid hormones and the capacity of elastomers to release these hormones at almost constant rates.1 The growing interest in woman-controlled contraceptive methods has supported and accelerated the process. Read more: see attachment 0 Facebook

Current care for victims of sexual violence and future sexual assault care centres in Belgium: the perspective of victims

Background: Sexual violence is a global health problem. After ratifying the Convention of Istanbul in 2016, this Belgian study was set up to map the perspective of victims of rape on the current sexual violence care provision in Belgium and to inquire on their need for more specialised and holistic care in future Sexual Assault […]

Improving affordability of new Essential Cancer Medicines

Effective cancer care requires investment in health infrastructure, a trained health workforce, and quality- assured, affordable medicines within a sustainable supply chain. To this end, in a major move to increase access to cancer medicines in low-income and middle- income countries (LMICs), WHO has added ten new cancer therapies to its 21st Model List of […]